Taylor's World Class Scholarship Stage 2 - The Final Interview

The second stage of the Taylor's World Class Scholarship would shudder you inside out, just kidding, it would be a breeze for guys like you.

First of all, I would like to congratulate all of you for reaching this particular stage. Now, you're just one step away from securing that scholarship into your hands. But first, you need to convince the interviewers, that YOU ARE the quality they've been searching for all these times. Put on a smile, and break a leg.

So I should waste not of my time on the particulars regarding how to get Taylor's and whatsoever; if you manage the second stage, you should have known all of this already (unless you sent your brother to do the interview for you, then this would be another story).

The first thing you would want to do prior to the interview is to arrive there early. Why? First of all, you'll need to go through the hassle and search for the building of block A, where the Bursary unit is held - and where the interview would be executed.

So another why to arrive early?

Chances are, there'll be only 5 candidates on one day (for one sponsor, there'll usually be 5 candidates plus minus only, YOU'RE DAMN LUCKY TO BE CHOSEN AS ONE, SO BE PROUD!). And chances are, the sequence of whom to be interviewed first is already sorted out. So if you arrive late, and your name is on the top of the list, you would have less time to focus on the case study. Yes, a case study indeed.

Each of the 5 participants would be given a case study related to your respective courses. Since I was applying for Business, the next thing I knew was me reading a thesis of Tesco's downfall in their peak era and their major amelioration in restoring this set back by tackling Asia's market (supposedly focused on South Korea but nevermind).

So you will be given 30 minutes to read and do some think-tank about the case study. Trust me that most of you will not talk to each other amidst the fact that you openly have the chance to do it so. All of you (read: most) would be too focused to converse between each other, let alone doing a snapchat video together.

So, is it really 30 minutes?


If you're waiting number is number 4; and it's currently the guy on number 2; it's already 40 minutes. Then, more time for you to look up on the case study and extract more points. You could also mingle around and lepak at the bathroom instead; like I did.

So after some few minutes (read: long waiting hours) of waiting, it was finally my turn. I made my way to the transparent room where the interview was to be held. Trust me, the transparent room is not the best place for the interview to be conducted in. It was a bad experience for me since there was this annoying guy in the next room kept pressing his face towards the glass of my interview room. And he was so distracting, I lost a lot of my focus thanks to him.

The interview would revolve around some serious questions regarding the case study, and real-life marketing happening in Malaysia currently. So I do advise all of you to read up a lot on the latest business news if you're up for the interview (for business interview).

And the interviewers weren't totally friendly, they had tight faces almost all of the time. Are you gonna crack a joke you say? You're just making a fool out of yourself. Seriously, just focus on answering the questions and you'll be fine. Answer logically and don't keep the silence too long. Always keep talking about it and make short hiatuses if you must. If you misunderstand any of the questions given, be keen to ask him or her to repeat it so you can give out straight answers perfectly.

I got the final interview for both sponsors that I applied for - CIMB Group and General Electric. Both occurred on separate days and separate weeks. But nevertheless to the fact that I only went to the interview for the experience so I didn't go for the CIMB Group interview but only the one's conducted by GE.

Anyways, it'll be great fun for you guys trust me.

Good luck!

Salman Faris

An IB survivor from Kolej MARA Banting and now drawing swords to face the ordeals of Pure Mathematics at King's College London.

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