Taylor's World Class Scholarship Stage 1 - Group Interview

As prestigious as it might sound, it's definitely a world-class scholarship.

The Taylor's World Class Scholarship or TWCS is a scholarship given to the best of the best. Only 12 candidates each year would be lucky enough to receive the scholarship. But fret not, for the other unsuccessful recipients will receive another scholarship - namely, the Edge Award.

I think I don't need to explain further more about how the scholarship works since you can just google them up and save my ample time to write them. But bear one thing in mind that's interesting about this scholarship is you can pick your sponsor based on the course you're going to pursue.

I picked CIMB Group and General Electric for this matter since I was pursuing Business Administration and Marketing.

So let's cut the chatter. How does Taylor's execute their scholarship interviews?

Well, they'll be held in 2 separate stages. And this post would narrow down into what would be happening in the first stage of the scholarship interview.

When you reach there at Taylor's Lakeside Campus, make your way to the block as mentioned in your e-mail. As for me, it was Block D. The block is not as far as you might figure the word 'D' with it. Don't worry, just follow the signs that were patched on walls or banners and don't ever get shy to ask anyone if you got lost. It's a friendly neighbourhood there, trust me.

Should I mention to the fact that I got lost at first because there were just a lot of programs that were held on the same day. After much asking, I finally got the directions. Newsflash! If you guys want your interview to finish early, then come early. Your numbers and letters are not arranged yet until you've registered there. What I did was register and went for my prayer at the surau (Blok B, thank me later) to cut the waiting time short. If not, you'll be escorted into a hall to wait there until you are to be called.

So what happens after you've been called. Well, it's not a 'you' actually. It's a 'you guys'. Because teams would be called together so don't get gelabah. So you'll be riding the elevator together to the 4th floor (if I recall that correctly). Then you'll be put in a small meeting room, on a round table. There, facing each of your team members.

Guess what, your team members are the ones that you'll be going to be interviewed with; together! So don't worry, IT'S A GROUP INTERVIEW OF 5 PEOPLE, CHILLAX!

 So there'll be 2 interviewers and they are super friendly - if you crack the laughing box out of them.

The first 10 minutes would be each of you having to introduce yourselves and describing something that they wanted you to describe; lol. At my time, they asked us to describe our favorite TV show. I answered CNN, and it was damn true at that time, and was not bluffing. Only after going back from that interview did I realized, I haven't had enough time of watching televisions, time to dig Astro lel.

And I thought that was it. But it was not. There's more to that. They asked us to discuss on Women's Rights in Sports, if I'm not mistaken though.

So minutes passed by which almost close down to a half an hour; then only did the discussion stopped. I swear that the discussion was so much fun, we were bashing each other so hard with darn good opinions. The best thing is was the fact that it was an open discussion instead of a formal parliamentary debate. You can be pro-men the first second and be the complete opposite on the next one. I decided to stay neutral although my thoughts were sparkling like wildfire to support us men. But there was this one dude who decided to betray the bro path, so it was kind of a 2 v 3. Miss those good old days.

The discussion came to an end when the interviewer asked us to stop. Conclusions were to be made by every single one of us. My conclusion was fairly simple and short, you don't have to do it too long, don't worry.

The interview was officially over, and there were some refreshments being provided by Taylor's. So in the mean time of waiting your parents, the shuttle bus or your own self (if you're driving there that is), you can enjoy the lake scenery or head out to Old Town White Coffee to enjoy some evening tea.

Oh, and if you're driving there, and parked underground, here's a tip. You can pay your parking ticket (which is actually free since the interview would be held on weekends) on the floor above Old Town White Coffee, just walk straight and follow the sign board above your head. Thank me later.

Good luck!

Salman Faris

An IB survivor from Kolej MARA Banting and now drawing swords to face the ordeals of Pure Mathematics at King's College London.

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